Log of Activities (9)


  1. Bullet20 Jun 15: D&C throw themselves a going-away party at their house in Orleans.  Food, beer, and piping.

  2. Bullet1 Jul 15: Don plays his last gig with the RCAF Pipe Band, doing the Canada Day performance at Parliament Hill.  Sigh.  We will meet again!!

  3. Bullet11 Jul 15: D&C, after living 9 days & nights in a hotel in Ottawa, shuttle the cats to Air Canada Cargo at the Montreal airport, and then hop on a plane themselves.  All are destined for Brussels!

  4. Bullet12 Jul 15:  Don & Carolyn arrive in Belgium, ready for the next three year adventure. It takes just an hour and four stops to spring the kitties from Belgian customs.  They all move into a hotel near SHAPE.

  5. Bullet30 Jul 15:  The furniture arrives!!!  After considerable sorting and shuffling, the house is ready to habitate.

  6. Bullet10 Aug 15:  The cars arrive!! Yah, the German cars are happy to be back in Europe.  The autobahn awaits, yah!

  7. Bullet23 Aug 15:  Don takes pictures and video of the house.

  8. Bullet29 Aug 15:  Don & Carolyn visit Ghent with a group of Canadians. They take a canal ride, eat waterzooi, and enjoy several new beers.  They also walk around parts of Ghent that they had not seen on any of the previous trips there.

  9. Bullet1-3 Sep 15: C&D go camping, in the Ardennes! They stay at La Petite Suisse campsite, in Dochamps, Belgium, nestled in the heart of the Ardennes.  They spend one day visiting La Roche - a town that was completely devastated during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.  They also tour a medieval fortress, and a WWII museum.

  10. Bullet12 Sep 15:  D&C, along with the Caber Feidh Pipe Band, participate in the piping competition at Alden Biesen. The latter is also the site of a castle, and the Schotts weekend is an annual event.  The weather was cloudy and it rained on and off, but our noble group of bagpipe warriors persevered.   Don had too much fun.  Really.  Ask Carolyn what she thinks about it.

  11. BulletNovember 15:  Don partakes in many Remembrance Day ceremonies, piping as usual at Beaumont Hamel, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and Le Roeulx

  12. BulletDecember 12th, D&C participate in a grand Evening Soiree at a real Chateau near where we live.  We are joined by many Canadians.

  13. BulletChristmas 2015:  C&D visit Monschau with friends Rob & Mary Lou.  They also visit (on their own) the  Christmas Market at Aachen and Durbuy.  They make their traditional Christmas Pizza - this time it is a Christmas Tree!

  14. Bullet30 Jan - 5 Feb 16: Don & Carolyn spend a week in Switzerland, enjoying cheese, cows, mountains, and lots of wine.

  15. Bullet27 Feb 16: Don participates in his first soumonce - a practice for the Carnaval in March.

  16. Bullet28 Feb - 4 Mar 16: Don travels to Norfolk, Virginia, for his work.

  17. Bullet18 Mar 16: Don joins Jean-Francois, Flavien, and Joel for a gig in St. Ghislain

  18. Bullet19 Mar 16:  Don joins the usual gang for Carnaval in Gottignies.  A good time is had by all, as usual.

  19. Bullet23 Apr 16: D&C do their first Belgian Beer Festival, in Leuven, Belgium.  Many wonderful beers. 

  20. Bullet4-12 May 16: Gord & Tanya visit D&C after they spend 8 days on a Baltic cruise.  We spent a day at Parc Pairi Daiza, toured the WWI cemetery at St. Symphorien, visit the Battle of Waterloo memorial, and check out the incredible canal boat lift at Strepy-Thieu.  After a brief rest, our adventurous four-some proceed on a road trip to Monschau, Heidelberg, and Aachen, all in Germany!

  21. Bullet15-22 July 16: D&C spend eight wonderful days on a Viking river cruise.  They travel down the Rhine river, starting in Basel, Switzerland, and eventually finishing in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  22. Bullet8-14 August 16: C&D once again hang out in Edinburgh, enjoy the International Tattoo and the Fringe / Arts Fest.  It also goes almost without saying that they have their fair share of whiskey & haggis.

  23. Bullet22-23 October 2016:  Carolyn hosts a Quilting Workshop for Canadians at SHAPE.  9 adventurous people take the challenge and built their own quilts.  The workshop was so successful that Carolyn is going to do it again before Christmas.

  24. Bullet18 Mar 17: Don once again participates in a soumonce, at Gottignies, along with his friends.

  25. Bullet25 Jun 17: Don & Carolyn join Caber Feidh Pipe Band to play at the Festival Wallonie Celtique at Hotton, Belgium.

  26. Bullet14-21 October 2017:  Don & Carolyn are joined by Tanya and Diane, for a wonderful week in Tuscany, Italy.

  27. BulletNovember 2017:  Don pipes at Vimy, the Canadian School, Le Roeulx, and St. Symphorien.

  28. BulletChristmas 2017:  Don & Carolyn make their traditional Christmas Pizza.  This time, they make pizza balls in the shape of a christmas tree.

  29. BulletDon once again attends Carnaval Gottignies on 24 March 2018